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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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only at safeway. ingredients for life. (male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>pam: happening right now. a nightmare cruise. a broken down cruise ship with more than four- thousand people on board. is crawling into port in alabama. and set to dock anytime now. this is a live look at the cruise ship. it's called the carnival triumph. it's being towed back to the cruise terminal kron 4's j-r stone joins us now with all newest details. j.r? >> reporter: just in the last 30 minutes. we see that none of the passengers have not been able to get off it
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is going to take four hours it-five hours. they are in the process of docking. let me show you video. as it arrived in to the port they are finally, into the port of mobile, alabama. >> we have gotten our guests back to land and we have to get them homa. a full
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resource of cars to get them home as quickly as we can possibly get them--home. the most important thing is to apologize to our guests. >> this is what it looked like. the rooms were so dark. and charging cords were everywhere. from the very small electricity that they had. some work on the outside portions where is it was so dark. hot. you can see that these people need to get back to galveston. you can see this live shot from mobile, alabama. with 100 tour buses waiting. some of them will fly out of the new orleans airport were some will be able to stay tonight and the new orleans area. >>pam:
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>>pam:developing right now. a man and a woman found shot to death inside a home in san jose. this is video taken over the scene. from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. it happened around four-30 this afternoon. on bermuda avenue. the street is shut down as police investigate what's believed to be a murder- suicide. one man was arrested. kron 4's phillipe djegal is at the scene with details on what we're learning right now. developing news tonight-- investigators say that these bodies were in the bedroom on this two story house on 1800 a person who rents the room notified the police that there were two people shot at 4:20 p.m. this happen across the street from a high-school from
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where the family sells flowers on valentine's day. this man's death is considered a suicide. the woman is considered the sixth homicide. this is possibly the result of domestic violence. >> this was a tragedy on valentine's day. >> phillipe djegal, kron 4. >>pam: the manhunt for accused killer christopher dorner is over. and now confirmation about his remains. officials say the charred remains discovered inside that burned cabin in the san bernandino mountains. have now been positively identified as dorner. today's announcement comes two days after his fiery final standoff with police. authorities say, dorner, the former los angeles police officer, killed four people, and wounded three others. in a ten- day revenge shooting spree.
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the san bernardino county sheriff's department says, dorner's dental records were used to identify him. >> also new tonight. court documents show, christopher dorner gathered information on two victim's. before he apparently killed them. irvine police believe dorner researched monica quan and her boyfriend keith lawrence. that's according to the orange county register. police captain, represented dorner during a disciplinary hearing that led to his firing from the los angeles police department. >> new tonight at 8. the community of san leandro is mourning a teenager. who was found shot to death on an elementary school campus the victim's mother tells kron4's haaziq madyun. she heard the sound of her son being killed. >> "we heard the gun shots" >> reporter: a terrorfying sound a mother never wants to hearthe sound of tara washington's 18-ntrevion fostert to death on the hillside elemenatry school campus just a block away from his san leandro home >> "everybody in my
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neighborhood ran over to the school, the tape, everything was already up by the time we got there" >> reporter: now in mourningtrevion's family reflects upon his short but promising life as a student and star athlete >> "he was an honor roll student, he attended san lorenzo high school, furthered his education by going to laney college, getting into his football, very respectful young man" >> "not once did i have to go to the school for trey, he never was a problem, not one time" >> "not going to be use to not having a big brother" >> he was a very good big brother. >> reporter: trevion's mother has a message for whoever killed her son >> "turn yourself in" my baby to not deserve that. >> reporter: in san leandro haaziq madyun kron4news
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a developing story tonight. a san francisco state senator. threatened with assassination. leland yee spoke out today about the menacing email he received. he says he was targeted because of his gun control legislation. >> four weeks ago i received an e-mail. the telling a rather explicit threat on my life. it did the telling, and to the author detesting these items saying that if i did not cease efforts of gun violence that he would assassinate me around the capital. he stated that he was a trained sniper. and he would detail in a rather specific way weapons that he would process and exactly how he was going to kill me. not in this direct, or any other threat is going to deter me. or this threat.
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>>pam: yee's legislation would close the loophole, which allows the sale of weapons with magazines that can be reloaded quickly. using a simple button. here you can see the man investigators say, is the author of that email. everett basham will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon for threatening a public official for the explosive material found at his home. >> meantime,in santa clara, the search of everett basham's home continues for a third straight day. this is video of the bomb squad loading what the chp says, is a 'handful' of 'explosive devices' into a trailer, as the bomb technicians carefully lowered a yellow basketball- sized package into a steel-reinforced chamber. the search teams found jugs of chemicals and other materials that were being analysed on scene. behind tarps set up on the street. late this afternoon. the c- h-p confirmed the devices were 'complete' and 'ready for
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use.' >> what the bomb squad told me was that unlike the sentence they found that were in complete with the bomb squad found was that these items were workable and ready to use. that was the difference. to be implemented in any use may or may not have been planned. >> any of these chemicals, pre-cursor is are bad items these are not typically what you would find at home depot. they would have a legitimate use but not in a normal residential state. "own life i guess" >>pam: disclosed exactly what the materials found inside the house are are. but police say, the devices were 'complete.' the bomb squad drove the devices to an undisclosed location and detonated them. out of concern that exploding them here might place the neighborhood in harm's way.
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>> we are seeing comfortable numbers because of the sunshine that we saw earlier. 50s in downtown san francisco. 50s in oakland. 60s in fremont, a bit more mild. just how warm it we get? warm in the north bay. we set a record. 69 degrees. and napa, we tied it that record at 68 degrees. but 70's. oakland. san mateo, redwood city and the warmest areas inland. 73 degrees. enjoy the warm air real we have another nice day tomorrow. and the coast is also nice. saturday, also
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nice with plenty of sunshine. we will see that cool air filter and. changes on your forecast, wet weather coming up. >>pam: this event outside of san francisco city hall. and a large asteroid traveling past earth. how close will it get? >> this massive pillow fight. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on
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i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> the south african para- lympic super star -- oscar pistorious-- is facing murder charges tonight. he is accused of shooting his girlfriend. model- reeva steenkamp. her body was found in his mansion today in the city ofpolice are hinting. that
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domestic disturbances at the house. cooperating with police. investigators gave no motive for the alleged killing. alameda county board of supervisors' public protection >> this sea of people is gathered at city hall to bring attention to domestic violence against women. with flash and dancing and other performances were part of the international campaign against domestic violence. they were having a great time expressing themselves. this is a serious issue. this is a global movement taking place in over 190 countries on valentine's day. in the san francisco, for rectums standing tall. they are rising because they are fighting back the -- victim's standing tall.
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>> it is one in three women, with human trafficking, violence, at some point. today, there are 1 billion women that are violence towards women. >> i had a co-worker that was tortured and killed by her husband. there was no prioress. we all have to be diligent and aware of our surroundings and our women around us. today the board of supervisors listened to a pitch from the alameda county sheriffs office to approve the purchase of a four-pound areal drone, like this one. the sherriff saying today the unmanned ariel system would primly be used for recue operations, bomb scares, and crime scenes but the 40 or so people who showed up to speak out against the sherriff's drone plan say it's an invasion of privacy this rout would primarily be usd
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for public safety however, they do not believe this. >> they believe that the sheriff's department cromwell intimidate anybody who is exercising their civil liberties. >> there was no decision made today, if the board does decided to move forward with purchase of a drone, it would be at least a year before it could be put to alameda county >> the asteroid, which is being called da 14, will fly by the earth at about 5
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miles per second, traveling north to south. the asteroid is about half a football field in diameter. da 14 will pass within less than 10,300 miles of the earth. that's closer than the moon and even closer than many orbiting satellites. scientists are telling us there's no chance of this asteroid hitting the earth or a satellite, but if it did the impact would have enough force to wipe out a major city, leaving a crater about the size of arizona's barringer crater which is about a mile across. now we here in the united states won't be able to see the asteroid pass over because the sun will be up and it will be to bright out, but nasa is planning
8:20 pm
on streaming video of the flyby over the internet. da 14 is expected to pass by the earth friday morning around 11:30am pacific time. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news >> elsewhere, the current conditions with 59 degrees. 57 and antioch, 50s. oakland, 58. clear skies for the overnight conditions. pretty mild the chance for fog but not much. sunshine for the day tomorrow and on the warm sun for a lot of locations. '70s. after that, we are cooling down and showers are in the seven day forecast. the satellite and writer shore that high- pressure. coming out of
8:21 pm
that section with the satellite and radar. here is the future cast. 7:00 a.m., a cool down into the 50s. there are no 30's. by noon, we can see that green with 60s. the yellow, is 70's. many of us will be in the upper 70's closer. and we will cool things down by 5:00 p.m.. 60s. 50s for the lighter blue. for the morning lows. downtown san francisco, 40's on the map and some areas in the north bay toward but we are used to that. '70s in the south bay. evergreen, 73 degrees in for their friends in the east bay. in the north bay,
8:22 pm
temperatures will top out. 50s. here is a look at the next seven days. cooler with low 60s. rain likely on tuesday and wednesday morning. >> ofa huge security flaw has been discovered in the i-phone. >> gary: coming up later ucla, which in of a final. and also we will talk about spring training. and yes, i do not want to do it but we will show the most attractive woman in the country. it is shameful but i will do it, anyway, [laughter] .
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>> pam: a hacker discovered that anyone can get around the lock screen on the i- phone 5. and they posted a video on youtube showing people how to do it. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has more. >> this is 1 0 operating system of 6.1 of the new level. they're able to send text messages. and see and added content. also the focal gallery is also easy to get to but you have to perform there are eight steps. making an emergency call. turning the phone on and off, and pushed it out
8:26 pm
in the stand by. it is tricky. it took me about 15 minutes i do not want to do is hdetail the steps on how to do it because if you do not cancel it it could go through and you could end up with something bad. apple is aware of this problem. they do not know when this fix will come out but expect it, soon.
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>> reporter: this developing story in mobile, alabama. there were statethere were--on the extra crucial for an extra-five days. this is all happening within the last 45 minutes. this could take several hours. with details, coming up. >> we are tracking the warmth. temperatures are in the 50s how long that warm weather will stay with us. before we could seek changes with cool and wet weather.
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>> pam: happening right now,the broken- down carnival cruise ship finally docks at an alabama port. and more than four- thousand weary this! a broken down carnival cruise ship with more than four- thousand people on board has arrived in mobile kron4's j-r stone joins us now with the latest updates. j.r. >> reporter: this is such good news for these passengers. as they start to see land. i am sure they are grateful. with no electricity and most of their rooms were dark. earlier, we showed you that some of these rooms for sleeping in the hallway. in certain circumstances and
8:33 pm
they were sleeping outside with the sanitary conditions, also very bad. some of these passengers that we have been talking to complained of the smell of being on this ship. for a long time. however, they just received some of these great messages and thankful to be on land. there are even some passengers that are from the bay area. we are talking about 4000 people. it is going to take several of hours because they only have one elevator this is happening in mobile, alabama but this is a fact that these people were stuck at sea. now, they are back
8:34 pm
in the united states. >> pam: j. r., what would happen next for these people? i guess that we lost him. we will continue to follow that story. a viral video helped fremont police arrest a woman suspected of stealing a package off the front porch of a home in fremont. this is surveillance video taken last november. after eight -thousand views online, police received tips regarding the whereabouts of the suspect. on wednesday, police arrested this woman, danielle gonsalves, in connection with the theft. police also say, stolen mail, credit cards, and i- d's of other victims. were in her possession when she was arrested. more bay area news now. this teenage student was arrested today. after police say, he showed up wearing camouflage clothing and a gas mask at mountain view high. investigators say, it appears to have been a prank. as you can imagine, this caused quite a scare-- now
8:35 pm
faces disturbance charges. >> oil tankers and other large vessels will now be restricted from sailing beneath the bay bridge in dense fog. the san francisco bay harbor safety committee passed the new guidelines today the move comes five weeks after an empty oil tanker. sideswiped one of the span's towers-- this is previous video from our partnership with abc7 news of the repairs. under the new rules, ships larger than 1,600 gross tons are restricted from sailing under the bridge. when visibility is less than half a mile. bay area homes sales are the strongest for january in six years. but reasearchers say, the market is still far from normal. the san diego- based firm dataquick reports. about 5,500 homes were sold in the san francisco bay area last month. that's up more than 3 - percent from january 2012. dataquick says, the mortgage market is slowly moving toward normalcy.
8:36 pm
new tonight at 8. a massive pillow fight breaks out in the middle of san francisco. take a look at this! it's an annual valentine's tradition. hundreds of people gathered at justin herman plaza on market street. to hit each other with pillows. this is not technically a city sanctioned event, but this will be the 8th year in a row it has happened. last year's clean up cost the city thousands of dollars. >> it was a nice night for a pillow fight. temperatures for warm. having a good time of their and temperatures reached into the lower 70's. and getting up to 71 73 degrees and even set a new record. 69 degrees. that
8:37 pm
beat the record of 68. even downtown san francisco. 69 degrees. well above the average. temperatures have cooled down a bit. 60s in san francisco and still pretty nice. for valentine's day. 57 in hayward, concord. 53 and richmond 57 degrees. cool and clear conditions tomorrow, another gorgeous day. temperatures in the south bay with sunshine and a saturday a little bit cooler. on sunday, a bit cooler with some wet weather details on that when i come back. a very sweet treat for one family in virginia. >> pam: their winning ticket
8:38 pm
make them new multi- millionaires. that's next.
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>> pam: now for today's market update. stocks waver amid a slowdown in europe's economy. and an encouraging report on the jobs market here on the u-s. the dow fell nine points to close at 13-thousand-973. the nasdaq rose a point to three-thousand-198. and the s and p 500 rose one point to one-thousand- 521. >> pam: a confirmation vote for chuck hagel as defense secretary has been delayed. and president obama is not happy about it. hagel is a former republican senator and a decorated vietnam veteran. a vote to end a g-o-p filibuster fell two votes short. republicans are holding up the confirmation, demanding information on how the obama administration handled the attack on the u-s diplomatic mission in libya. democrats call the hold-up "tragic." another vote is expected later this month. >> the pentagon is creating a new medal that can be
8:41 pm
awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations, but have never set foot in a combat zone. it's called the distinguished warfare medal on wednesday. current defense secretary leon panetta gave his approval on wednesday. >> it was a valentine's day to remember for a family in virginia. they picked up a really big check -- for 217 million dollars. dave honeywell bought a winning powerball ticket earlier this month at the airport in richmond on his way to a convention in denver. dave says he got pretty distracted once he realized he was a multi-millionaire. >> "i started reading the numbers left to right and i'm like 'no this can't be'. and i looked up at the draw date to make sure it was the same date and i'm like 'this still can't be'. and pretty soon my hands are shaking like this. i can barely read the ticket anymore the shaking so bad." >> pam: the honeywells chose the cash option, so they'll be getting 136-million dollars, before taxes.
8:42 pm
their first big purchase? a new car to replace their 13-year-old one that has 170-thousand miles on it. >> a new jersey man found his own boat for sale on craigslist. jan was looking for a new boat when he came across a picture of one that looked exactly like the one he already had. he called the poster who called himself chad, and wanted jan to buy his own 17-foot fiberglass boat for almost one-thousand bucks. they met in an alley-way off route 1-9 in linden, where jan has permission to keep his boat. he called the cops who arrested, not a chad, but this man-- gregory bartucci of bayonne. police say this type of thing happens a lot. >> the valentine's day bandit strikes again! february 14th brings flowers, candy, love and for montpelier, vermont--- a paper heart bandit. the hearts are plastered throughout the town during
8:43 pm
the early morning hours for everyone to enjoy. in montpelier, people say they still aren't sure who is responsible--- but everyone enjoys the annual tradition that police are calling a crime of love. >> coming up school is letting out and so is bad behavior in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> pam: in sports. the a's get some bad news just a couple of days into spring training. and it may be valentine's day. but the u-c-l-a bruins got no love from the cal bears. or the raucous crowd at hass pavilion. gary's has the highlights and the rest of the sports. well, well, well.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. kermanelementary school is suppose to be the place where we mold our children into model citizens that's the preciption now the reality. this is
8:46 pm
colonial acres elementary school in the cherryland section of hayward where at the beginning of the school year parents were given instructions one was not to use the school parking lot in fact there is a sign in english and in spanish that reads "staff and handicap parking only no student drop or pick up" but i watched as numerours parents totally ignored the rules and pull into the parking lot note this parent took full advantage of the disabled parking, except there was no disables placard visible now see these orange cones, they were placed there by the california highway patol because parents were crossing over the double set double yellow lines
8:47 pm
which is a big no no so what do parents do they just make the turn earlier like this parent . and this parent the school bus locations was also blocked so this school bus had a hard time getting a space the chp wrote numerour tickets the say before for some of the violation but parents keep doing it one parent told me they need to come up with a better parking situation, i think parking and walking in now watch this just as soon as the chp removes thethe left turn violations contuine in hayward stanley roberts if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- com. >> 60s expected. with 40's and '50's right now. now, we
8:48 pm
are expecting clear skies for the rest of the night. it is going to be fairly mild. with that fog development should be minimal. and friday, lots of sun. it will still be warm. with extended forecast for cooling conditions for the latter part of the weekend. the chance for showers to arrive by next week. here is a look at a satellite and radar with no brain on your screen. we are looking at that ridge of high pressure. the air flow around it basically the onshore wind going from land to the coast. giving us mild conditions. here is the futurecast. temperatures generally bottoming out. not really that much 30's. by
8:49 pm
noon the, you can see by lunch that the green is 60s. san jose, nearly and the war 70's. by 2:00 a.m., most of those areas will be in the 60s with some areas getting to the lower 70's. by 5:00 p.m., we are looking at temperatures getting into the sixties and fifties. here is futurecast. a lot of people in the 50s, the 40's. and 40's in oakland. it will not feel as cold tomorrow. '70s in the south bay for and for the friends in the east bay many people in the upper 60s. fairfield upper 60's and 70's. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. with your 7 day around the bay into the sunshine. sunday, a bit cooler. monday if you have the holiday off because
8:50 pm
it is president's day. i am tracking rainfall on tuesday and cooler, 55 degrees. wednesday, the showers are possible. enjoy that warm weather. cooler air, coming and. >>gary: great weather. and tell cal and watch all the g olden bears. and justin kobb and how 76-63. no, they
8:51 pm
beat this nationally ranked team. 15-6, 7-5 in the conference. lebron james is king. tonight against oklahoma city he is favored and james chollas off for 39 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists. cabinet durant and the miami heat to oklahoma city just could not hang. kevin durant-- for the first time in seven games scoring. they break for the all-star festivities 110-100. he has
8:52 pm
been working out trying to get back from reconstructive knee caps surgery. he says that if i have to sit out for the year i am ok with that and your mind is that you do not want to rush that that is probably it for derrik bros. the warriors, new are ren the irin men-the ves going to have to be redesigned. this does not allow for a cruise ship. this is the wrong time to worry about with the cruise ships with the recent carnival but this is a new design. and you would have a
8:53 pm
billionaire, usually, something would get things done. and bad news out of the lakers camp. their long- term owner has been hospitalized with cancer. 79 years old he has been spending a lot of time in intensive care. at cedar sinai. he has kept it a secret from the media until today. and also, the disturbing news out of south africa he was charged with murder. their girlfriend shot four times in his mansion. they are putting out that he thought she was an intruder surprising him on valentine's day. >> the a's have a little bit
8:54 pm
of a blow today. one of the relief pitchers with force -six weeks and he is undergoing arthroscopic surgery. and he is going to miss the early part of this season. >> and tam lincecum. on the progress of tim lincecum. who had a subpar not could a relief role. possibly as a closer. be in lincecum. he had his struggles during the regular season. this is his contract year. that is always one of my favorites. some people just love to spring training. and there is just something about out of shape guys sitting there and they can
8:55 pm
get away from their wives and to drink beer and watch other guys getting into shape. and to me, >> that is the same with a goat to the regular season games? >>gary: the fans loved it. >> but if you really think that the premise is that to sit, relax and watch other guys getting in shape. when we should probably getting into shape. all i say that they help the of economy needs a healthy people and it all starts here. and when we come back the story of kate upton... coming up.
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>>gary: kate upton.. one of the most glamorous cover girls said that in terms of our romance to justin v erlander and he says that he is single.. however, perhaps that is not the story. so she says that she
8:59 pm
is single but perhaps not. story. so she says that she is single but perhaps not. >> pam: good nig hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. story. so she says that she is single but perhaps not. >> pam: good nig oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.